Asset Tokenization

Asset Tokenization

Asset tokenization is a way of digitizing tangible and intangible assets and converting them into tokens, which are then stored on the blockchain.

One asset is not generally equal to one token: assets are usually broken down into smaller parts, which form many tokens.

Once the owner has tokenized their assets and they have entered the digital world, it becomes possible to store and trade them fractionally or completely, as well as transfer them to other owners.

Those who have heard about asset tokenization or searched for the term on Google before may have heard something about STO as well. Indeed, STO (short for Security Token Offering), has a lot to do with blockchain technology and tokenization.

By understanding your requirements, BlockchainMonk can help you navigate the “how and what” when tokenizing your real-world asset. As professionals with experience in tokenizing assets, we understand and follow a standard process that aligns with both technical and compliance requirements to ensure the legitimacy in your offering.

Asset Identification

Through consultancy and requirement gathering, we will help you identify the proper asset tokenization strategies.

Business & Legal Requirements

With increasing regulations across jurisdictions we have worked with technology savy legal firms across the world to assist you in launching your asset tokenization strategy.

Token Economics

We have extensive experience in Econometric modelling, Token Monetary and Fiscal policy management.We have used our expertise in assisting our clients build a robust token economy

Technical Development

From building the token contracts to helping you list in licensed and compliant token exchanges, BlockchainMonk's team will be with you all he way.