Karthik Iyer

Founder & CEO

Karthik Iyer is the ambassador of the P2P-Foundation and runs BlockchainMonk a DLT / DAO think tank and R&D Center. He was featured in the top 200 Fintech influencer list and mentors dozens of DLT startups in 4 continents.

He is a serial entrepreneur and founded Asia’s first neural network in the matching space and was part of the team that built one of the first tablet devices way back in 2007; He holds close to half dozen degrees from leading schools in the world like KTH in Sweden, Fudan University in China among others.

He is regularly featured in Forbes, Economist and leading newspapers in Scandinavia, India and other Asian countries.


Expert Advisor

Ragha is based in the mountain view hq of Google and is passionate about blockchain research. He mentors various blockchain companies and has published various articles and research papers.