Supply Chain Blockchain

Supply Chain Blockchain

Supply chain transformation takes more than an innovative idea to achieve success. The solutions provided byBlockchainMonk are built with platforms like Hypereldger, Ethereum, Corda, Multichain, and more, enable businesses to reduce operational costs and strengthen security while establishing trust across the supply chainEnhance transparency, security, and efficiency across your supply chain with the potential of blockchain and our expertise.

With permissioned or public blockchain development, enable relevant stakeholders to achieve end-to-end transparency, security, and efficiency in transactions and operations.. Our blockchain development services focus on outcome-driven principles for application designing and development. It enables businesses to transform at the level of markets, networks, and industries, including healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, food, and more.

Following are some of the major Blockchain based supply chain development services provide by BlockchainMonk.

Electronic Data Interchange Systems

We build coherent blockchain-powered EDI systems to enable efficient, secure, and transparent multi-party business transaction processing. Our blockchain smart contract solutions automate transaction processing while also establishing trace and track framework across the supply chain network. They enable EDI systems to transmit contractual information like purchase orders and invoices across the value chain securely and seamlessly. Our solutions ensure adherence to industry-standards of information exchange.

Procurement Solutions

We provide Blockchain-enabled procurement solutions that enable seamless sourcing, onboarding, and maintenance of buyer-supplier relationships. Procurement platforms built by us integrate with enterprise systems like ERP for additional efficiency. Our solutions combine blockchain smart contracts and supplier data to put payments on autopilot across enterprises. They enable sharing of supplier data only after the consent of owners while storing personal information off-chain for GDPR compliance.

Inventory Management

We build blockchain solutions that establish end-to-end communication across the supply chain from manufacturing to sale. They enable process tracking and reporting throughout the processes of inventory management. Stakeholders can check and verify data at every single checkpoint. From conducting payment and audits to tracking inventory and assets, our solutions facilitate greater supply chain efficiency. Our solutions enable advantages like fewer errors, reduced costs and time, and digitized inventory management process.

Logistics Solutions

We enable an end-to-end enhanced level of data accessibility and sharing across the value chain with our regulatory-compliant blockchain solutions. With fine-grained permissions, stakeholders can see a product’s location, who made it, how made it, and its expected delivery. They can also track each assets’ origin, properties, and movements across trade zones in real-time. Companies can enable sharing track and trace data with customers to provide provision for validating product authenticity.

Track and Traceability Monitoring System

We provide logistics companies end-to-end logistics management solutions for use cases like managing freight tracking and contract management. Our solutions enable buyers, sellers, and regulatory authorities to track goods shipped around the world. By using blockchain, we can ensure the availability of accurate and real-time information amongst different parties. Stakeholders involved in processes can check the status, quantity as well as the location of individual parts with enhanced traceability and security.

Process Automation

We develop blockchain smart contracts for supply chain solutions that automate contract executions related to arrivals and departures, shipments, changes of ownership, and other supply chain operations. Our smart contracts are automated contracts that use pre-defined rules to facilitate the exchange of nearly any good or service. They establish real-time auditing for compliant processes and workflows. With smart contract solutions, supply chains managers can automate conditions of production, quality control, and payments.