BlockchainMonk has successfully offered training for institutional clients across the planet.

About the programme

During this overview programme participants will:
  • Acquire an overview of the history, growth, strengths, and weaknesses of digital currencies, blockchains, and distributed ledger technology;
  • Learn about potential applications of distributed ledger technology to new products and services;
  • Understand the regulatory challenges posed by new payment systems, and the responses of governments in the U.S., Europe, and around the world;
  • Utilize existing financial benchmarks to evaluate the success of Bitcoin and other digital currencies as forms of money and as investments;
  • Explore blockchain technology and its potential to provide faster, cheaper, and more secure financial transactions.
Who will benefit from this programme?
  • Business decision makers, planners, strategists, and executives.
  • Entrepreneurs or emerging growth companies for example in the digital currency and mobile payments fields;
  • Online retailers who are considering the use of these technologies in their business;
  • Investment managers developing products related to digital currencies and other cryptographic assets;
  • IT-managers or IT-consultants seeking to understand the business applications of digital currency technologies;
  • Managers in financial organisations who need to understand the challenges and potential that blockchains and distributed ledgers provide;
  • Accountants, controllers and financial advisors who need to know the digital developments and technologies in order to be a good advisor to clients or to management;
  • Legal professionals who need to understand the regulatory landscape surrounding digital currencies.
  • Government professionals who need to understand macroeconomic benefits and risks

Blockchain Basics You may have heard of Bitcoin. Part of the machinery that makes Bitcoin safe and decentralized is the blockchain. Decentralized applications using blockchain technology will revolutionize the world of software applications and business models. What you will learn:
  • What is Bitcoin?
  • What is the blockchain?
  • What can you do with a blockchain?
  • What is Ethereum? What is Ether?
  • What is a distributed application?
  • What is a smart contract?
There will be time for questions, so you can get ideas for how to apply this knowledge to your business.
  • What is a distributed ledger?
  • What about identity and security?
  • What business models are at risk?
  • What are the opportunities?
  • What should we do?

Tokens and Smart Contracts In this session, we dive into the world of tokens and smart contracts. Attendees will learn the types of tokens and what they are used for, how exchanges work, and how cryptocurrencies work. We'll also learn how tokens can be programmed to have desired characteristics. In the smart-contract session, we'll learn about smart contracts, their advantages and disadvantages, and about libraries of smart contracts and cryptolaws and cryptolegislation and how all of this is coming together. We'll also discuss some of the issues around blockchain scalability and future developments.

Private vs Public Blockchains This topic confuses people, and it's evolving quickly, so we dedicate an entire session to understanding the different types of blockchains available, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and what is practical to achieve in the next 6-12 months. This is a two-hour session to explore at a high level what options may be best for a proof-of-concept for your groups. We will also explore the world of governance and how it is changing.

Decentralized Apps and Business Opportunities Decentralized apps exist outside of central servers, with cryptographic security and smart contracts at their core. Even though they will look like many of today's apps, they will likely change the way we do business. Do we really need banks and insurance companies? How will this change your current business? What will change for government and development? We will also learn about private blockchains and when to know that a blockchain is a solution and when it isn't. We learn about the new business models driving sweeping change in many industries. And we look at many compelling use cases where blockchain technology will reduce costs dramatically.

In this final session, attendees will leave with an overall picture of the new blockchain world come away with a booklet, so everyone in the company is on the same page and speaks the same language.